New Belgrade's Finest Dining

Apetit Bar Belgrade is an international cuisine restaurant, the first and unique in New Belgrade for its fine dining concept. In addition to the urban ambience of the prestigious city district A block and its patio surrounded by greenery, the restaurant features a contemporary interior, a combination of sophisticated style and industrial design, with special attention to every single detail./p>

The kitchen is under command of the young Nikola Djordjević, ta talented, dedicated chef who, besides his immense love for his job which he shares with the members of his team, brings innovations and sets new trends on the Belgrade gastro scene through the unusual taste combination, tendencies towards organic food of familiar origin, hand-made pastas and perfect food presentation.

In addition to the rich selection of premium alcoholic beverages, local and imported wines, single origin coffees of the highest quality, we are proud of the impeccable service, knowledge and kindness of our staff that we are known for with both regular, as well as new guests, locals and foreigners who come to us from all over the world.

In addition to being a great choice when it comes to morning coffee, business lunch or dinner with friends, we are here to organize various kinds of celebrations. Whether it’s a family gathering, a romantic anniversary celebration or a corporate event, we are here to contribute to the atmosphere of our guests with a special kind of dedication.